Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I don't know what it is, but I can't stop obsessing over what I like to call "robot chic." Basically, I want to live in a Daft Punk video. Or better yet, this video from Kap10Kurt.

The synopsis of the video reads, "In a world full of danger, where music is banned by an evil militia, Kap10Kurt, an easy-going hero, helped by his sexy mate Leah, will blow up this Machiavellian conspiracy." Easy-going heroes? Sexy sidekicks? Overthrowing a "Machiavellian conspiracy?" I'm so in.

In addition to Kap10Kurt's video, I'm especially fond of the new Justice video for DVNO. So Me, of Ed Banger "fame," is responsible for the visual orgasm. Maybe I'm going a little too far. It's pretty awesome though.

Continuing on, Bobby over at Kitsune Noir has started a pretty fantastic project, asking his favorite artists and designers to contribute a wallpaper. My favorite, by far, is the one by Dustin Hostetler of UPSO. I highly suggest you all check it out, as new wallpapers are posted every Wednesday morning.

And what would robot chic be without fashion. My darling, Julez and I have been obsessing over robot sunglasses. You know what I'm talking about. The pre-venetian blinds Kanye glasses. I found my pair at Target for $18. I seriously feel complete with them in my life now.

Coming soon... I'll upload a mix for you lovelies. Look out for Treasure Fingers, Justice (of course), a ScenarioRock remix by Sebastian, Danger, and maybe some Earth, Wind, and Fire if you play your cards right.


PSA: While robots are awesome, robo-tripping is not. Put down the 'tussin. You're not Tara Reid (unless you are, in fact, Tara Reid. Then by all means, keep up the good work.).

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