Saturday, April 12, 2008

Marfa, shmarfa

Does anyone else out there remember the story Domino did on the couple in Marfa, Texas that converted an old gas station into their dream home? I was thinking about it today, and how I'd love to have the courage to move to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and just exist. So I did some research. Creeped on some websites, and so many flickr accounts that my brain went fuzzy. Here are two of my favorite photos:

By Justin Parr.

By katastrophik.

Marfa is located in the high destert of Western Texas. It's about 200 miles from El Paso, 470 miles from Dallas, and 600 miles from Houston. Ouch.
Giant (with Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, and Rock Hudson) was filmed there in the 1950s. And more recently, There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men. It's a huge art community, well known for it's galleries and soon, it's annual film festival!
I'm pretty bummed that I only found out about the film festival today. The very first film festival is being held May 1-5. Tickets are only $200 for a 5 day pass, and they've a limited availability-- only 200 are being sold! Perhaps next year. My only dilemma is convincing Joshua who 1) doesn't like to sweat, and 2) hates Texas, to be my travel buddy.
And when I do visit, I only want to stay at the Thunderbird Motel. The decor is minimal and clean. The pool is heavenly. And they have a special "Mystery Lights" tour, complete with glow in the dark t-shirts and a coffee mug.

And how can I forget? The home that inspired this post!


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Michelle Javan said...

Ok this is just weird...when I was just over 3 months pregnant with Josh I was in a play that took place near Marfa and surrounded events that took place IN Marfa during the filming of "Giant" ... The play ran for three weeks and by the end of it, my waist had disappeared from all the joshness...hmmm. I'm not sure what that says about Marfa or what strangeness is involved with him going there now....It may involve the loss of a waist may want to proceed with caution.